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This is a repository of (only) journal articles related to air pollution covering all the key subjects like emission inventories, emission factors, dispersion modeling, source apportionment, health impact studies, energy scenarios, etc. While the list is populated with India specific papers, a number of interesting and useful papers from other countries are also included. Follow the article links to the journal pages for full articles.

If you want to search the metadata of the papers,click here. Note that this is a repository of papers which we found interesting and we are sharing the title, abstract, and link to only those articles here.

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Hodzic, A; Wiedinmyer, C; Salcedo, D; Jimenez, J L

Impact of trash burning on air quality in Mexico City Journal Article

Environmental Science and Technology, 46 (9), pp. 4950-4957, 2012, (cited By 22).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: aerosol composition; air quality; antimony; burning; carbon monoxide; fossil fuel; health impact; metropolitan area; nitrogen oxides; pollutant transport; public health; urban area; urban atmosphere; volatile organic compound, aerosol; air pollution; air quality; article; concentration (parameters); controlled study; exhaust gas; fire; health hazard; Mexico; particle size; particulate matter; pollutant; primary organic aerosol; socioeconomics; suburban area, Aerosols; Air Pollution; Cities; Developing Countries; Fires; Incineration; Mexico; Models, Air quality; Antimony; Carbon monoxide; Chemical analysis; Developing countries; Fossil fuels; Nitrogen oxides; Volatile organic compounds, antimony; carbon monoxide; nitrate; nitrogen oxide; sulfate; volatile organic compound, Atmospheric aerosols, Burning emissions; Chemistry transport model; Disposal methods; Emission factors; Health effects; Metropolitan area; Mexico City; Organic aerosol; Pollutant concentration; Secondary nitrates; Secondary organic aerosols; Submicrometers; Urban areas, Chemical; Socioeconomic Factors, Federal District [Mexico]; Mexico [North America]; Mexico City


Chate, D M; Murugavel, P; Ali, K; Tiwari, S; Beig, G

Below-cloud rain scavenging of atmospheric aerosols for aerosol deposition models Journal Article

Atmospheric Research, 99 (3-4), pp. 528-536, 2011, (cited By 31).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: Accumulation modes; Aerosol deposition; Aerosol distribution; Aerosol size; Air flow; Below-cloud; Calpuff; Electro-scavenging; Field measurement; Scavenging coefficients; Source-receptor; Typical urban; Wind speed, aerosol; airflow; atmospheric deposition; numerical model; rainfall; scavenging (chemistry), Atmospheric aerosols, Exponential functions; Odor control; Rain; Respiratory mechanics; Thermal conductivity of liquids


Cherian, R; Venkataraman, C; Kumar, A; Sarin, M M; Sudheer, A K; Ramachandran, S

Source identification of aerosols influencing atmospheric extinction: Integrating PMF and PSCF with emission inventories and satellite observations Journal Article

Journal of Geophysical Research Atmospheres, 115 (22), 2010, (cited By 8).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: aerosol; anthropogenic source; biofuel; biomass burning; crop residue; dust; emission inventory; forest fire; fossil fuel; industrial emission; MODIS; nitrate; pollutant transport; remote sensing; satellite imagery; spatial distribution, Agricultural wastes; Atmospheric chemistry; Biomass; Combustion; Deforestation; Dust; Fires; Industrial emissions; Light extinction; Ozone; Radiometers; Remote sensing; Satellite imagery; Thermoelectric power plants; Ultraviolet spectrometers, Atmospheric aerosols, Indian Ocean; South Asia; West Asia


Carmichael, G R; Adhikary, B; Kulkarni, S; D’Allura, A; Tang, Y; Streets, D; Zhang, Q; Bond, T C; Ramanathan, V; Jamroensan, A; Marrapu, P

Asian aerosols: Current and year 2030 distributions and implications to human health and regional climate change Journal Article

Environmental Science and Technology, 43 (15), pp. 5811-5817, 2009, (cited By 65).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: Aerosol distribution; Aerosol loading; Aerosol optical depths; Atmospheric warming; Black carbon; Health impact; Human health; Masking effect; Radiative effects; Radiative forcings; Regional climate changes; Satellite observations; Warming potential; Win-win, aerosol property; air quality; atmospheric pollution; black carbon; carbon dioxide; climate change; future prospect; greenhouse gas; guideline; health impact; optical depth; public health; radiative forcing; regional climate; sulfur dioxide; World Health Organization, aerosol; air monitoring; air quality; article; Asia; atmospheric dispersion; climate change; environmental impact; greenhouse effect; greenhouse gas; health hazard; particulate matter; radiation response; simulation, Aerosols; Air Pollutants; Asia; Climate; Environment; Environmental Monitoring; Environmental Pollution; Forecasting; Geography; Greenhouse Effect; Sulfur Dioxide, Air quality; Carbon black; Global warming; Greenhouse gases; Permanent magnets, Asia; Eurasia, Atmospheric aerosols, black carbon; carbon dioxide; sulfur oxide


Adhikary, B; Kulkarni, S; Dallura, A; Tang, Y; Chai, T; Leung, L R; Qian, Y; Chung, C E; Ramanathan, V; Carmichael, G R

A regional scale chemical transport modeling of Asian aerosols with data assimilation of AOD observations using optimal interpolation technique Journal Article

Atmospheric Environment, 42 (37), pp. 8600-8615, 2008, (cited By 54).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: aerosol composition; aerosol property; algorithm; atmospheric deposition; data assimilation; dust; human activity; interpolation; MODIS; optical depth; pollutant source; pollutant transport; satellite imagery; three-dimensional modeling, aerosol; algorithm; article; priority journal; season; sensitivity analysis; simulation, Aerosols; Air pollution; Atmospherics; Image segmentation; Image sensors; Interpolation; Network protocols; Sensor networks; Spectrometers; Sulfur; Three dimensional, Asia; Cheju [South Korea]; Eurasia; Far East; Gosan; Hanimaadhoo; Indian Ocean; Indian Ocean islands; Korea; Maldives; South Korea, Atmospheric aerosols


Karar, K; Gupta, A K

Source apportionment of PM10 at residential and industrial sites of an urban region of Kolkata, India Journal Article

Atmospheric Research, 84 (1), pp. 30-41, 2007, (cited By 80).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: Absolute principal component scores; Mass concentration; Multiple linear regression, aerosol; atmospheric chemistry; gas chromatography; PAH; particulate matter; principal component analysis, Asia; Calcutta; Eurasia; India; South Asia; West Bengal, Atmospheric aerosols, Atmospheric chemistry; Gas chromatography; Particles (particulate matter); Particulate emissions; Principal component analysis; Regression analysis


Kumar, A V; Patil, R S; Nambi, K S V

Source apportionment of suspended particulate matter at two traffic junctions in Mumbai, India Journal Article

Atmospheric Environment, 35 (25), pp. 4245-4251, 2001, (cited By 131).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: aerosol; air pollution; article; combustion; dust; exhaust gas; factorial analysis; India; metal industry; multiple regression; priority journal; suspended particulate matter; technique; traffic, Atmospheric aerosols, coal, dust; factor analysis; roadside environment; suspended particulate matter; traffic emission, India, Industrial emissions; Mathematical models; Particulate emissions; Regression analysis; Traffic surveys, Suspended particulate matter (SPM)


Venkataraman, C; Chandramouli, B; Patwardhan, A

Anthropogenic sulphate aerosol from India: Estimates of burden and direct radiative forcing Journal Article

Atmospheric Environment, 33 (19), pp. 3225-3235, 1999, (cited By 27).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: aerosol; anthropogenic source; radiative forcing; sulfate, air monitoring; air pollution; article; biomass; exhaust gas; fire; global climate; India; meteorology; priority journal; seasonal variation, Anthropogenic sulfur dioxide emissions; Chemical meteorological box model; Direct radiative forcing; Dry deposition; Global climate; Sulphate aerosols; Wet deposition, Atmospheric aerosols, Climatology; Coal combustion; Deposition; Estimation; Gas emissions; Hydrogen peroxide; Mathematical models; Sulfur dioxide; Waste incineration, hydrogen peroxide; sulfate, India