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This is a repository of (only) journal articles related to air pollution covering all the key subjects like emission inventories, emission factors, dispersion modeling, source apportionment, health impact studies, energy scenarios, etc. While the list is populated with India specific papers, a number of interesting and useful papers from other countries are also included. Follow the article links to the journal pages for full articles.

If you want to search the metadata of the papers,click here. Note that this is a repository of papers which we found interesting and we are sharing the title, abstract, and link to only those articles here.

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Bhanarkar, A D; Purohit, P; Rafaj, P; Amann, M; Bertok, I; Cofala, J; Rao, P S; Vardhan, B H; Kiesewetter, G; Sander, R; Schöpp, W; Majumdar, D; Srivastava, A; Deshmukh, S; Kawarti, A; Kumar, R

Managing future air quality in megacities: Co-benefit assessment for Delhi Journal Article

Atmospheric Environment, 186 , pp. 158-177, 2018, (cited By 0).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: Air quality; Air quality standards; Carbon; Economics; Emission control; Fuels; Gas emissions; Greenhouse gases; Population statistics, air quality; assessment method; atmospheric pollution; cost-benefit analysis; emission control; emission inventory; environmental policy; greenhouse gas; megacity; pollution policy; scenario analysis; strategic approach; urban pollution, air; air pollutant; air pollution control; air quality; Article; atmospheric transport; city; climate; combustion; controlled study; electric power plant; environmental policy; futurology; greenhouse gas; human; National Capital Territory of Delhi; particulate matter; priority journal, carbon, City scale; Climate policy scenarios; Co benefits; Emission inventories; Energy and transportation; Fine particulate matter; National ambient air quality standards; Scenario analysis, Delhi; India, Quality control

Prakash, J; Lohia, T; Mandariya, A K; Habib, G; Gupta, T; Gupta, S K

Chemical characterization and quantitativ e assessment of source-specific health risk of trace metals in PM1.0 at a road site of Delhi, India Journal Article

Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 25 (9), pp. 8747-8764, 2018, (cited By 0).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: aerosol formation; ammonia; assessment method; biomass burning; cancer; combustion; concentration (composition); health risk; ion; particulate matter; principal component analysis; quantitative analysis; source apportionment; trace element, Delhi; India

Srivastava, P; Dey, S; Srivastava, A K; Singh, S; Tiwari, S

Most probable mixing state of aerosols in Delhi NCR, northern India Journal Article

Atmospheric Research, 200 , pp. 88-96, 2018, (cited By 0).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: Aerosol chemical composition; Aerosol composition; Aerosol direct radiative forcing; Aerosol mixing; External mixing; Limited information; Satellite retrieval; Sources of uncertainty, aerosol; chemical composition; climate change; dust; estimation method; monsoon; radiative forcing; winter, Aerosols; Atmospheric radiation; Atmospheric thermodynamics; Carbon; Climate change; Climate models; Coatings; Dust; Uncertainty analysis, Delhi; India, Mixing


Sharma, S; Khare, M

Simulating ozone concentrations using precursor emission inventories in Delhi – National Capital Region of India Journal Article

Atmospheric Environment, 151 , pp. 117-132, 2017, (cited By 5).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: Agricultural wastes; Agriculture; Air quality; Atmospheric thermodynamics; Exhaust gases; Nitrogen oxides, air quality; anthropogenic source; biomass burning; capital city; concentration (composition); emission inventory; model validation; ozone; photochemistry; pollution monitoring; rural area; solar radiation, carbon monoxide; fuel; nitrogen; ozone; solvent; volatile organic compound, Chemical activities; Diesel generator sets; Emission inventories; Evaporative emission; Ground level ozone concentration; Incomplete combustion; Monitoring stations; National capital regions, Delhi; India, ozone

George, K V; Patil, D D; Anil, M N V; Kamal, N; Alappat, B J; Kumar, P

Evaluation of coarse and fine particles in diverse Indian environments Journal Article

Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 24 (4), pp. 3363-3374, 2017, (cited By 1).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: air pollutant; analysis; environmental monitoring; India; mining; particle size; particulate matter; procedures; regression analysis, air pollutant; particulate matter, Air Pollutants; Environmental Monitoring; India; Mining; Particle Size; Particulate Matter; Regression Analysis, coal mine; coastal zone; concentration (composition); correlation; data acquisition; empirical analysis; particle size; particulate matter; pollution exposure; risk assessment; source identification; urban area, Delhi; India

Amann, M; Purohit, P; Bhanarkar, A D; Bertok, I; Borken-Kleefeld, J; Cofala, J; Heyes, C; Kiesewetter, G; Klimont, Z; Liu, J; Majumdar, D; Nguyen, B; Rafaj, P; Rao, P S; Sander, R; Schöpp, W; Srivastava, A; Vardhan, B H

Managing future air quality in megacities: A case study for Delhi Journal Article

Atmospheric Environment, 161 , pp. 99-111, 2017, (cited By 8).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: aerosol; air quality; atmospheric chemistry; atmospheric pollution; health impact; megacity; particulate matter; policy analysis; pollutant source; urban area, Air pollution; Air quality standards; Atmospheric aerosols; Atmospheric chemistry; Atmospheric movements; Chemical analysis; Health; Pollution; Quality control, Air quality, Co benefits; Environmental pollutions; Fine particulate matter; Health impact; Industrialized countries; National Air Quality Standards; Policy analysis; Population exposure, Delhi; India

Kumar, P; Gulia, S; Harrison, R M; Khare, M

The influence of odd–even car trial on fine and coarse particles in Delhi Journal Article

Environmental Pollution, 225 , pp. 20-30, 2017, (cited By 6).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: Air cleaners; Air quality, air pollutant; exhaust gas; particulate matter, Air Pollutants; Air Pollution; Automobiles; Environmental Monitoring; India; Motor Vehicles; Particle Size; Particulate Matter; Seasons; Vehicle Emissions; Wind, atmospheric pollution; baseline conditions; concentration (composition); particulate matter; pollution exposure; traffic emission; wind direction, Base-line concentrations; Coarse particles; Heavy goods vehicles; Living lab; National standard; Pm concentrations; PM10 and PM2.5; Traffic emissions, Delhi; India, meteorology; summer; winter; air pollutant; air pollution; analysis; car; environmental monitoring; exhaust gas; India; motor vehicle; particle size; particulate matter; season; statistics and numerical data; wind, Particles (particulate matter)


Parkhi, N; Chate, D; Ghude, S D; Peshin, S; Mahajan, A; Srinivas, R; Surendran, D; Ali, K; Singh, S; Trimbake, H; Beig, G

Large inter annual variation in air quality during the annual festival ‘Diwali’ in an Indian megacity Journal Article

Journal of Environmental Sciences (China), 43 , pp. 265-272, 2016, (cited By 6).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: air pollutant; air pollution; analysis; environmental monitoring; India; leisure; particulate matter; statistics and numerical data, air pollutant; carbon monoxide; nitrogen oxide; particulate matter, Air Pollutants; Air Pollution; Carbon Monoxide; Environmental Monitoring; Holidays; India; Nitrogen Oxides; Particulate Matter, Air quality, Air quality forecasting; Diwali; Fireworks; Particulate pollution; Trace-gases, Air quality standards; Carbon; Carbon monoxide; Explosives; Mixing; Nitrogen oxides; Pollution, air quality; annual variation; atmospheric pollution; carbon monoxide; festival; megacity; nitrogen oxides; ozone; particulate matter; trace gas, Delhi; India

Kumar, S; Dey, S; Srivastava, A

Quantifying enhancement in aerosol radiative forcing during ‘extreme aerosol days’ in summer at Delhi National Capital Region, India Journal Article

Science of the Total Environment, 550 , pp. 994-1000, 2016, (cited By 2).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: Aerosol characteristics; Aerosol direct radiative forcing; Aerosol events; Aerosol radiative forcing; Atmospheric heating rate; Delhi NCR; National capital regions; Single scattering albedo, aerosol; aerosol direct radiative forcing; Article; atmosphere; chemical composition; concentration (parameters); environmental parameters; heating; India; optical depth; particle size; priority journal; quantitative analysis; simulation, aerosol; black carbon; concentration (composition); dust; optical depth; radiative forcing; summer, Aerosols, Atmospheric aerosols; Atmospheric radiation; Carbon; Dust, Delhi; India

Krelling, C; Badami, M G

Operational and financial performance of Delhi’s natural gas-fueled public bus transit fleet: A critical evaluation Journal Article

Transport Policy, 47 , pp. 178-188, 2016, (cited By 4).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: bus transport; finance; natural gas; policy analysis; policy implementation; public transport; transportation policy, Delhi; India

Nagpure, A S; Gurjar, B R; Kumar, V; Kumar, P

Estimation of exhaust and non-exhaust gaseous, particulate matter and air toxics emissions from on-road vehicles in Delhi Journal Article

Atmospheric Environment, 127 , pp. 118-124, 2016, (cited By 15).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: 1, 3 butadiene; acetaldehyde; aldehyde; aromatic hydrocarbon; benzene; carbon dioxide; carbon monoxide; formaldehyde; hydrocarbon; nitrogen oxide; volatile organic compound, Air pollutants; Emission inventories; Exhaust emission; Toxic pollutants; Transportation policies, Air pollution, air pollution; ambient air; Article; car; dust; economic development; exhaust gas; greenhouse gas; human; India; particulate matter; priority journal; urbanization, Aromatic hydrocarbons; Brakes; Carbon dioxide; Carbon monoxide; Commercial vehicles; Dust; Hydrocarbons; Nitrogen oxides; Particulate emissions; Pollution; Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons; Roads and streets; Transportation; Vehicles; Volatile organic compounds, atmospheric pollution; emission inventory; particulate matter; toxic substance; traffic emission; transportation policy; volatile organic compound, Delhi; India


Gurjar, B R; Nagpure, A S; Kumar, P

Gaseous emissions from agricultural activities and wetlands in national capital territory of Delhi Journal Article

Ecological Engineering, 75 , pp. 123-127, 2015, (cited By 4).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: Agricultural activities; Crop residue burning; Emission inventories; Enteric fermentation; India; Livestock manure; Manure management; Megacities, agricultural emission; atmospheric pollution; cultivation; ecological engineering; emission inventory; fermentation; greenhouse gas; manure; megacity; rice; wetland, Carbon dioxide; Crops; Cultivation; Fermentation; Gas emissions; Manures; Methane; Nitrogen oxides; Wetlands, Delhi; India, Greenhouse gases

Sahu, S K; Beig, G; Parkhi, N

High resolution emission inventory of NO<inf>x</inf> and CO for mega city Delhi, India Journal Article

Aerosol and Air Quality Research, 15 (3), pp. 1137-1144, 2015, (cited By 7).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: Air quality forecasting; Atmospheric pollutants; Emission inventories; High-resolution emission; Megacities; Surrounding regions; Thermal power plants; Urban pollutions, air quality; atmospheric modeling; atmospheric pollution; carbon monoxide; emission inventory; GIS; nitrogen oxides; resolution; spatial distribution; urban pollution, Air quality; Cobalt; Housing; Pollution; Thermoelectric power plants, Delhi; India, Geographic information systems


Sati, A P; Mohan, M

Analysis of air pollution during a severe smog episode of November 2012 and the Diwali Festival over Delhi, India Journal Article

International Journal of Remote Sensing, 35 (19), pp. 6940-6954, 2014, (cited By 8).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: Aerosol optical depths; Derived parameters; Ground-based observations; Meteorological condition; Remote sensing data; Respiratory problems; Temporal and spatial; Trajectory modeling, Air quality; Atmospheric aerosols; Nitrogen oxides; Optical properties; Particles (particulate matter); Quality control; Remote sensing, air quality; atmospheric pollution; Aura (satellite); festival; particulate matter; remote sensing; smog; urban atmosphere, Delhi; India, smoke

Marrapu, P; Cheng, Y; Beig, G; Sahu, S; Srinivas, R; Carmichael, G R

Air quality in Delhi during the Commonwealth Games Journal Article

Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 14 (19), pp. 10619-10630, 2014, (cited By 14).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: air quality; atmospheric pollution; black carbon; concentration (composition); diurnal variation; emission inventory; forecasting method; ozone; particulate matter, Delhi; India


Beig, G; Chate, D M; Ghude, S D; Ali, K; Satpute, T; Sahu, S K; Parkhi, N; Trimbake, H K

Evaluating population exposure to environmental pollutants during Deepavali fireworks displays using air quality measurements of the SAFAR network Journal Article

Chemosphere, 92 (1), pp. 116-124, 2013, (cited By 14).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: Air Pollutants; Cardiovascular Diseases; Environmental Exposure; Environmental Monitoring; Hospitalization; Humans; India; Lung Diseases; Ozone; Particulate Matter; Risk Factors; Seasons, air pollution; air quality; article; atmosphere; attributable risk; environmental exposure; health hazard; hospital admission; human; mortality; particulate matter; pollutant; population distribution, Air quality forecasting; Air quality measurements; CWG-2010; Environmental pollutants; High resolution data; Relative risks; SAFAR; World meteorological organizations, Air quality standards, air quality; airport; atmospheric plume; atmospheric pollution; cardiovascular disease; cultural tradition; developing world; environmental assessment; forecasting method; health risk; hospital sector; mortality; pollution exposure; pollution monitoring; respiratory disease; risk factor; sport, Air quality; Developing countries; Explosives; Meteorology; Particulate emissions; Population statistics; Risk perception, Delhi; India, explosive; firework; unclassified drug

Kaushar, A; Chate, D; Beig, G; Srinivas, R; Parkhi, N; Satpute, T; Sahu, S; Ghude, S; Kulkarni, S; Surendran, D; Trimbake, H; Trivedi, D K

Spatio-temporal variation and deposition of fine and coarse particles during the Commonwealth Games in Delhi Journal Article

Aerosol and Air Quality Research, 13 (2), pp. 748-755, 2013, (cited By 18).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: aerosol composition; air quality; airborne survey; airport; anthropogenic source; atmospheric deposition; Commonwealth of Nations; particle size; particulate matter; spatiotemporal analysis; traffic emission; urban atmosphere, Air quality; Meteorology, Delhi; India, Stadiums

Guttikunda, S K; Calori, G

A GIS based emissions inventory at 1 km × 1 km spatial resolution for air pollution analysis in Delhi, India Journal Article

Atmospheric Environment, 67 , pp. 101-111, 2013, (cited By 83).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: Air pollution, air pollution; article; controlled study; cooking; dispersion; dust; electric power plant; exhaust gas; generator; geographic information system; heating; India; particle size; particulate matter; priority journal; suspension; waste disposal, air quality; anthropogenic source; atmospheric pollution; dispersion; emission inventory; GIS; human activity; industrial location; megacity; pollution monitoring; spatial resolution; urban atmosphere, Air quality; Brickmaking; Carbon monoxide; Construction industry; Incineration; Nitrogen oxides; Power plants; Sulfur; Sulfur dioxide; Volatile organic compounds, Annual average; Chemical transport; Construction activities; Delhi, carbon monoxide; nitrogen oxide; sulfur dioxide; volatile organic compound, Delhi; India, India; Diesel generators; Dispersion modeling; Dispersion models; Emissions inventory; Industrial area; Megacities; Monitoring stations; Re-suspension; Road dusts; Spatial resolution; Temporal resolution; Urban; Vehicle exhausts; Waste burning

Pathak, A K; Yadav, S; Kumar, P; Kumar, R

Source apportionment and spatial-temporal variations in the metal content of surface dust collected from an industrial area adjoining Delhi, India Journal Article

Science of the Total Environment, 443 , pp. 662-672, 2013, (cited By 26).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: Air pollution; Chromium; Dust; Dust collectors; Lead; Manganese; Metals; Zinc, aluminum; anthropogenic source; calcium; dust; geoaccumulation index; industrial district; iron; magnesium; manganese; metal; spatiotemporal analysis; temporal variation; titanium, aluminum; barium; cadmium; calcium; chromium; cobalt; copper; iron; magnesium; manganese; nickel; oil; titanium; vanadium; zinc, Anthropogenic sources; Delhi, Delhi; India, Dust; Environmental Pollutants; India; Industry; Metals, Industry


Singh, A; Dey, S

Influence of aerosol composition on visibility in megacity Delhi Journal Article

Atmospheric Environment, 62 , pp. 367-373, 2012, (cited By 37).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: aerosol composition; aerosol property; air quality; anthropogenic source; climate effect; dust; fog; health impact; megacity; optical depth; seasonal variation; sensitivity analysis; soot; visibility, aerosol; air quality; article; chemical composition; India; priority journal; radiation attenuation; visibility, Air quality; Atmospheric aerosols; Soot, Delhi; India, Visibility

Guttikunda, S K; Gurjar, B R

Role of meteorology in seasonality of air pollution in megacity Delhi, India Journal Article

Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 184 (5), pp. 3199-3211, 2012, (cited By 38).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: Air Pollutants; Air Pollution; Atmosphere; Cities; Environmental Monitoring; India; Meteorology; Seasons; Weather, air pollution; air pollution control; article; controlled study; India; meteorology; particulate matter; pollutant; seasonal variation; summer; urban area; winter, Air quality; Aircraft accidents; Atmospheric movements; Felt; Lagrange multipliers; Meteorology; Models, air quality; atmospheric modeling; atmospheric pollution; megacity; meteorology; pollution control; pollution monitoring; seasonality, Airport operations; Annual average; Atmospheric modeling; Atmospheric transport; Constant-emissions; Delhi, carbon monoxide; hydrocarbon; nitrogen oxide; sulfur dioxide, Delhi; India, India; Fine particulates; Fuel burning; Lagrangian models; Major accidents; Megacities; Mixing layer height; Physical characteristics; Pollution level; Previous year; Seasonality; Source apportionment; Summer months; Tracer concentration; Transportation departments; Winter highs; Winter months, Pollution control

Grieshop, A P; Boland, D; Reynolds, C C O; Gouge, B; Apte, J S; Rogak, S N; Kandlikar, M

Modeling air pollutant emissions from Indian auto-rickshaws: Model development and implications for fleet emission rate estimates Journal Article

Atmospheric Environment, 50 , pp. 148-156, 2012, (cited By 16).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: acceleration; air quality; atmospheric modeling; atmospheric pollution; exhaust emission; GPS; health impact; megacity; particulate matter; performance assessment; pollution exposure; public health; satellite data; sensitivity analysis; traffic emission, accuracy; air pollution; air quality; article; environmental exposure; environmental impact; exhaust gas; global positioning system; India; particulate matter; priority journal; sensitivity analysis; velocity, Air quality; Carbon dioxide; Dynamometers; Fuels; Hydrocarbons; Particles (particulate matter); Particulate emissions; Population statistics; Table lookup; Uncertainty analysis; Vehicle performance, carbon dioxide; carbon monoxide; hydrocarbon; nitrous oxide, Delhi; India, Fleet operations, India; Megacities; Micro-scales; Particulate Matter; Vehicle emissions model; Vehicle fleet

Mandal, P; Prakash, M; Bassin, J K

Impact of Diwali celebrations on urban air and noise quality in Delhi City, India Journal Article

Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 184 (1), pp. 209-215, 2012, (cited By 24).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: Acoustic noise; Air quality; Fog; Health risks; Light polarization; Nitrogen oxides; Optical correlation; Pollution; Public risks; Sulfur; Sulfur dioxide, adult; air pollution; air quality; article; awareness; chemical analysis; controlled study; disease association; Diwali; environmental impact; health hazard; human; India; leisure; noise measurement; noise pollution; particulate matter; risk assessment; risk factor; urban area, Adult; Air Pollution; Cities; Environmental Monitoring; Hinduism; Humans; India; Lung; Middle Aged; Noise; Spirometry; Time Factors; Young Adult, Air pollutants; Ambient noise; Diwali; Fireworks; Regression, air quality; ambient air; ambient noise; atmospheric pollution; concentration (composition); correlation; cultural tradition; noise pollution; pollutant source; sulfur dioxide; urban atmosphere, Concentration (process), Delhi; India, nitrogen dioxide; sulfur dioxide


Sahu, S K; Beig, G; Parkhi, N S

Emissions inventory of anthropogenic PM2.5 and PM10 in Delhi during Commonwealth Games 2010 Journal Article

Atmospheric Environment, 45 (34), pp. 6180-6190, 2011, (cited By 59).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: Air quality forecasting; Commonwealth Games; Emission inventories; Emissions inventory; Geographical information systems; High-resolution emission; Metropolitan cities; Particulate Matter; Road dusts; Study areas; Surrounding regions; Thermal power plants; Total emissions; Wind-blown dust, air quality; anthropogenic source; atmospheric pollution; domestic waste; dust; emission inventory; GIS; industrial emission; metropolitan area; particle size; particulate matter; power plant; sport; thermal power; traffic emission, air quality; article; cooking; dust; forecasting; geographic information system; India; particle size; particulate matter; priority journal; wind, Air quality; Dust; Geographic information systems; Roads and streets; Thermoelectric power plants, Delhi; India, Stadiums

Kumar, P; Gurjar, B R; Nagpure, A S; Harrison, R M

Preliminary estimates of nanoparticle number emissions from road vehicles in megacity Delhi and associated health impacts Journal Article

Environmental Science and Technology, 45 (13), pp. 5514-5521, 2011, (cited By 61).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: air pollution control; article; health hazard; motor vehicle; particulate matter, atmospheric pollution; concentration (composition); developing world; diesel engine; emission control; estimation method; filter; health risk; natural gas; particulate matter; road transport; traffic emission; urbanization, Best estimates; Business-as-usual; Diesel particulate filters; Diesel vehicles; Health impact; Heavy duty vehicles; Megacities; Particle numbers; Road vehicles, Cities; Environmental Monitoring; Forecasting; India; Models, Compressed natural gas; Energy resources; Estimation; Retrofitting; Roadsides, Delhi; India, nanoparticle; natural gas, Theoretical; Mortality; Motor Vehicles; Nanoparticles; Particle Size; Vehicle Emissions, Vehicles

Reynolds, C C O; Kandlikar, M; Badami, M G

Determinants of PM and GHG emissions from natural gas-fueled auto-rickshaws in Delhi Journal Article

Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, 16 (2), pp. 160-165, 2011, (cited By 13).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: Activity factor; Air emissions; Auto-rickshaws; Chassis dynamometers; Delhi, air quality; atmospheric pollution; fuel consumption; greenhouse gas; particulate matter; urban atmosphere, Air quality; Carbon dioxide; Dynamometers; Engines; Fuels; Gas emissions; Greenhouse gases; Natural gas; Urban transportation, Delhi; India, India; GHG emission; Particulate Matter; Urban air quality, Natural gas vehicles


Ghude, S D; Jain, S L; Arya, B C; Beig, G; Ahammed, Y N; Kumar, A; Tyagi, B

Ozone in ambient air at a tropical megacity, Delhi: Characteristics, trends and cumulative ozone exposure indices Journal Article

Journal of Atmospheric Chemistry, 60 (3), pp. 237-252, 2008, (cited By 51).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: air pollution; air quality; ambient air; article; concentration (parameters); cotton; environmental exposure; forest; India; maximum allowable concentration; nonhuman; rice; soybean; time; tropic climate; urban area; vegetation; wheat; winter, air quality; ambient air; atmospheric pollution; catch crop; diurnal variation; health impact; megacity; monsoon; ozone; pollution exposure; threshold; yield response, Delhi; India, Glycine max; Gossypium hirsutum; Triticum aestivum, ozone