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This is a repository of (only) journal articles related to air pollution covering all the key subjects like emission inventories, emission factors, dispersion modeling, source apportionment, health impact studies, energy scenarios, etc. While the list is populated with India specific papers, a number of interesting and useful papers from other countries are also included. Follow the article links to the journal pages for full articles.

If you want to search the metadata of the papers,click here. Note that this is a repository of papers which we found interesting and we are sharing the title, abstract, and link to only those articles here.

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Lai, A M; Carter, E; Shan, M; Ni, K; Clark, S; Ezzati, M; Wiedinmyer, C; Yang, X; Baumgartner, J; Schauer, J J

Chemical composition and source apportionment of ambient, household, and personal exposures to PM2.5 in communities using biomass stoves in rural China Journal Article

Science of the Total Environment, 646 , pp. 309-319, 2019, (cited By 0).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: Aerosols; Air pollution; Biomass; Chemical analysis; Exposure controls; Fuels; Heating; Organic carbon; Particulate emissions; Rural areas; Thermal processing (foods), aluminum; arsenic; barium; black carbon; calcium; chloride; chromium; cobalt; copper; iron; lithium; magnesium; manganese; molybdenum; nickel; organic carbon; palladium; phosphorus; potassium; rubidium; selenium; silicon; sodium; strontium; sulfur; titanium; vanadium; yttrium; zinc, ambient air; biomass burning; black carbon; chemical composition; chemical mass balance; cooking appliance; particulate matter; pollution exposure; rural area; seasonal variation; source apportionment, Biomass-burning; Chemical mass balance; China; Particulate Matter; Solid fuels, China, Particles (particulate matter)


Liu, F; Beirle, S; Zhang, Q; A, Van Der R J; Zheng, B; Tong, D; He, K

NOx emission trends over Chinese cities estimated from OMI observations during 2005 to 2015 Journal Article

Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 17 (15), pp. 9261-9275, 2017, (cited By 13).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: atmospheric transport; bottom-up control; emission control; nitrogen oxides; observational method; ozone; spatial distribution; trend analysis; twenty first century; urban pollution, China

Saikawa, E; Kim, H; Zhong, M; Avramov, A; Zhao, Y; Janssens-Maenhout, G; Kurokawa, J -I; Klimont, Z; Wagner, F; Naik, V; Horowitz, L W; Zhang, Q

Comparison of emissions inventories of anthropogenic air pollutants and greenhouse gases in China Journal Article

Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 17 (10), pp. 6393-6421, 2017, (cited By 12).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: air quality; atmospheric pollution; comparative study; emission inventory; greenhouse gas; human activity; spatiotemporal analysis; volatile organic compound, China, Citrus maxima

A, Van Der R J; Mijling, B; Ding, J; Koukouli, Elissavet M; Liu, F; Li, Q; Mao, H; Theys, N

Cleaning up the air: Effectiveness of air quality policy for SO2 and NOx emissions in China Journal Article

Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 17 (3), pp. 1775-1789, 2017, (cited By 35).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: air quality; concentration (composition); economic growth; emission; energy use; environmental policy; fossil fuel; nitrogen isotope; sulfur dioxide, China

Gao, J; Woodward, A; Vardoulakis, S; Kovats, S; Wilkinson, P; Li, L; Xu, L; Li, J; Yang, J; Li, J; Cao, L; Liu, X; Wu, H; Liu, Q

Haze, public health and mitigation measures in China: A review of the current evidence for further policy response Journal Article

Science of the Total Environment, 578 , pp. 148-157, 2017, (cited By 31).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: Air Pollutants; Air Pollution; China; Environmental Monitoring; Humans; Particulate Matter; Public Health, Air pollution; Air quality; Fog; Particles (particulate matter), Anthropogenic sources; Cerebrovascular disease; China; Formation and evolutions; Haze; Meteorological condition; Mitigation measures; Scientific researches, atmospheric pollution; formation mechanism; haze; health impact; mitigation; policy analysis; policy approach; pollutant source; pollution control; public health, China, Public health

Fu, H; Chen, J

Formation, features and controlling strategies of severe haze-fog pollutions in China Journal Article

Science of the Total Environment, 578 , pp. 121-138, 2017, (cited By 36).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: Air Pollutants; Air Pollution; China; Environmental Monitoring; Particulate Matter, atmospheric pollution; concentration (composition); fog; formation mechanism; haze; industrialization; pollution control; strategic approach; urbanization, Atmospheric research; China; Concentration levels; Controlling strategies; Fine particles; Future research directions; Haze pollutions; Visibility impairment, China, Fog; Health, Pollution control

Hong, C; Zhang, Q; He, K; Guan, D; Li, M; Liu, F; Zheng, B

Variations of China’s emission estimates: Response to uncertainties in energy statistics Journal Article

Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 17 (2), pp. 1227-1239, 2017, (cited By 12).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: carbon emission; emission inventory; energy use; nitrogen oxides; particulate matter; sulfur dioxide; uncertainty analysis; volatile organic compound, China

Liang, F; Gao, M; Xiao, Q; Carmichael, G R; Pan, X; Liu, Y

Evaluation of a data fusion approach to estimate daily PM2.5 levels in North China Journal Article

Environmental Research, 158 , pp. 54-60, 2017, (cited By 2).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: accuracy assessment; atmospheric modeling; atmospheric pollution; data interpretation; model validation; particulate matter; spatiotemporal analysis; weather forecasting, air pollutant; particulate matter, Air Pollutants; Air Pollution; China; Environmental Monitoring; Models, air pollution; Article; China; grid cell; kriging; particulate matter; priority journal; simulation; air pollutant; analysis; environmental monitoring; particulate matter; procedures; spatial analysis; theoretical model; weather, China, Theoretical; Particulate Matter; Spatial Analysis; Weather


Jin, Y; Andersson, H; Zhang, S

Air pollution control policies in China: A retrospective and prospects Journal Article

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 13 (12), 2016, (cited By 19).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: Air Pollutants; Air Pollution; China; Environmental Monitoring; Environmental Policy; Environmental Pollution; Humans; Particle Size; Particulate Matter; Retrospective Studies, atmospheric pollution; emission control; policy reform; pollution control; pollution policy; sulfur dioxide, China, ozone; sulfur dioxide; air pollutant; particulate matter

Archer-Nicholls, S; Carter, E; Kumar, R; Xiao, Q; Liu, Y; Frostad, J; Forouzanfar, M H; Cohen, A; Brauer, M; Baumgartner, J; Wiedinmyer, C

The regional impacts of cooking and heating emissions on ambient air quality and disease burden in China Journal Article

Environmental Science and Technology, 50 (17), pp. 9416-9423, 2016, (cited By 12).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: air pollutant, Air Pollutants; Air Pollution; China; Cooking; Heating; Humans, Air pollution, Air quality measurements; Ambient air pollution; Confidence interval; Disability adjusted life years; Residential combustion; Residential emissions; Residential heating; Residential sectors, air quality; ambient air; atmospheric pollution; cooking appliance; disability; disease incidence; emission; environmental impact; health impact; health risk; heating; mortality; pollution exposure; sensitivity analysis, air quality; Article; China; combustion; cooking; disability; environmental exposure; exhaust gas; health hazard; heating; human; mortality rate; particulate matter; air pollutant; air pollution; cooking, Air quality; Coal combustion; Combustion; Heating; Housing; Pollution; Quality control; Sensitivity analysis, China


Liu, F; Zhang, Q; Tong, D; Zheng, B; Li, M; Huo, H; He, K B

High-resolution inventory of technologies, activities, and emissions of coal-fired power plants in China from 1990 to 2010 Journal Article

Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 15 (23), pp. 13299-13317, 2015, (cited By 69).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: carbon dioxide; coal-fired power plant; emission control; emission inventory; information technology; nitrogen oxides; spatial variation; sulfur dioxide; temporal variation, China

Wang, S; Zhang, Q; Martin, R V; Philip, S; Liu, F; Li, M; Jiang, X; He, K

Satellite measurements oversee China’s sulfur dioxide emission reductions from coal-fired power plants Journal Article

Environmental Research Letters, 10 (11), 2015, (cited By 33).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: China, Coal-fired power plant; Complex background; Flue gas desulfurization(FGD); Gaussian fitting; OMI; Ozone monitoring instruments; Satellite measurements; Sulfur dioxide emissions, coal-fired power plant; emission control; Gaussian method; remote sensing; satellite data; satellite imagery; sulfur dioxide; sulfur emission, Coal; Coal fueled furnaces; Emission control; Gas emissions; Gas plants; Mining; Power plants; Remote sensing; Sulfur; Sulfur dioxide; Ultraviolet spectrometers, Fossil fuel power plants


Saikawa, E; Kurokawa, J; Takigawa, M; Borken-Kleefeld, J; Mauzerall, D L; Horowitz, L W; Ohara, T

The impact of China’s vehicle emissions on regional air quality in 2000 and 2020: A scenario analysis Journal Article

Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 11 (18), pp. 9465-9484, 2011, (cited By 48).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: air quality; atmospheric pollution; black carbon; carbon emission; carbon monoxide; concentration (composition); emission inventory; mixing ratio; nitrogen oxides; organic carbon; ozone; particulate matter; traffic emission; volatile organic compound, China


Peng, C; Wu, X; Liu, G; Johnson, T; Shah, J; Guttikunda, S

Urban air quality and health in China Journal Article

Urban Studies, 39 (12), pp. 2283-2299, 2002, (cited By 32).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: air quality; health impact; medical geography; urban pollution, China