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This is a repository of (only) journal articles related to air pollution covering all the key subjects like emission inventories, emission factors, dispersion modeling, source apportionment, health impact studies, energy scenarios, etc. While the list is populated with India specific papers, a number of interesting and useful papers from other countries are also included. Follow the article links to the journal pages for full articles.

If you want to search the metadata of the papers,click here. Note that this is a repository of papers which we found interesting and we are sharing the title, abstract, and link to only those articles here.

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Tang, Y; Pagowski, M; Chai, T; Pan, L; Lee, P; Baker, B; Kumar, R; Monache, L D; Tong, D; Kim, H -C

A case study of aerosol data assimilation with the Community Multi-scale Air Quality Model over the contiguous United States using 3D-Var and optimal interpolation methods Journal Article

Geoscientific Model Development, 10 (12), pp. 4743-4758, 2017, (cited By 0).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: aerosol; air quality; climate modeling; data assimilation; experimental design; MODIS; numerical method; optical depth; particulate matter; three-dimensional modeling, United States

Nopmongcol, U; Grant, J; Knipping, E; Alexander, M; Schurhoff, R; Young, D; Jung, J; Shah, T; Yarwood, G

Air Quality Impacts of Electrifying Vehicles and Equipment Across the United States Journal Article

Environmental Science and Technology, 51 (5), pp. 2830-2837, 2017, (cited By 6).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: Air Pollutants; Environmental Monitoring; Motor Vehicles; Ozone; Particulate Matter; United States; Vehicle Emissions, Air quality impacts; Electricity demands; Emissions inventory; Fine particulate matter; Heavy duty vehicles; Mobile source emissions; Off-road equipments; Photochemical air quality models, air quality; Article; electricity; particulate matter; pollutant; ship; summer; United States; urban area; air pollutant; environmental monitoring; exhaust gas; motor vehicle, air quality; atmospheric pollution; electric vehicle; electrification; electronic equipment; emission control; emission inventory; industrial emission; ozone; particulate matter; photochemistry; port; three-dimensional modeling; traffic emission; vessel, Air quality; Crashworthiness; Crude oil; Electric power utilization; Electric utilities; Equipment; Nitrogen oxides; Off road vehicles; Ozone; Petroleum refining; Petroleum transportation; Roads and streets; Transportation; Vehicles, fuel; gasoline; hydrocarbon; nitrogen oxide; ozone; petroleum; air pollutant; exhaust gas; particulate matter, Gas emissions, United States

Kirchstetter, T W; Preble, C V; Hadley, O L; Bond, T C; Apte, J S

Large reductions in urban black carbon concentrations in the United States between 1965 and 2000 Journal Article

Atmospheric Environment, 151 , pp. 17-23, 2017, (cited By 1).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: Air pollution, air pollution; Article; California; carbon footprint; climate; controlled study; electricity; energy consumption; haze; Illinois; Missouri; New Jersey; Ohio; particulate matter; Pennsylvania; pollutant; priority journal; stretching; United States; urban area; Virginia; warming, Air quality; Carbon dioxide; Energy utilization; Fossil fuels; Fuel oils; Fuels; Gas emissions; Global warming; Natural gas vehicles; Oils and fats; Pollution, Atmospheric warming; Carbon dioxide emissions; Coefficient of haze; Concentration trends; Elemental carbon; Historical transition; Pollutant concentration; San Jose, black carbon; carbon dioxide; coal; fossil fuel; fuel oil; natural gas, California, United States

Wang, P; Schade, G; Estes, M; Ying, Q

Improved MEGAN predictions of biogenic isoprene in the contiguous United States Journal Article

Atmospheric Environment, 148 , pp. 337-351, 2017, (cited By 7).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: aerosol formation; atmospheric modeling; biogenic emission; chemical compound; concentration (composition); emission inventory; equipment; formaldehyde; isoprene; pollution monitoring; satellite data; software; spatial distribution; volatile organic compound, Aerosols; Air quality; Atmospheric composition; Forecasting; Formaldehyde; Ozone; Ultraviolet spectrometers; Volatile organic compounds, BEIS; Community multi-scale air qualities; Isoprene emission; MEGAN; Ozone monitoring instruments; Satellite based observations; Secondary organic aerosols; Spatial and temporal variation, formaldehyde; isoprene, Isoprene, United States

Nopmongcol, U; Alvarez, Y; Jung, J; Grant, J; Kumar, N; Yarwood, G

Source contributions to United States ozone and particulate matter over five decades from 1970 to 2020 Journal Article

Atmospheric Environment, 167 , pp. 116-128, 2017, (cited By 0).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: adoption; air pollution control; air quality; Article; chemical bond; particulate matter; priority journal; seasonal variation; surface property; United States, Air pollution, Air quality trends; CAMx; Emission inventories; Emission trends; OSAT; Particulate Matter; Photochemical modeling; PM2.5; PSAT; Source apportionment, air quality; anthropogenic effect; atmospheric modeling; atmospheric pollution; emission control; ozone; particulate matter; photochemistry; pollutant transport; pollution control; source apportionment; trend analysis, Air quality; Mobile power plants; Nitrogen oxides; Ozone; Particles (particulate matter); Quality control; Quality management; Roads and streets, ozone, United States


Marshall, J D; Apte, J S; Coggins, J S; Goodkind, A L

Blue Skies Bluer? Journal Article

Environmental Science and Technology, 49 (24), pp. 13929-13936, 2015, (cited By 7).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: Air policy; Concentration reduction; Emission reduction; Environmental health risks; EPA standards; Health benefits; Health improvements; Optimal policies, Air Pollution; Cardiovascular Diseases; Environmental Policy; Humans; Lung Diseases; Particulate Matter; Public Health; United States, ambient air; atmospheric pollution; cardiovascular disease; health risk; mortality; particulate matter; standard (regulation), concentration response; mortality; air pollution; analysis; Cardiovascular Diseases; environmental planning; epidemiology; human; legislation and jurisprudence; Lung Diseases; mortality; particulate matter; prevention and control; public health; toxicity; United States, Emission control; Environmental Protection Agency; Health; Risk perception, Health risks, particulate matter, United States

Gonzalez-Abraham, R; Chung, S H; Avise, J; Lamb, B; E.P., Jr. Salathé; Nolte, C G; Loughlin, D; Guenther, A; Wiedinmyer, C; Duhl, T; Zhang, Y; Streets, D G

The effects of global change upon United States air quality Journal Article

Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 15 (21), pp. 12645-12665, 2015, (cited By 11).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: air quality; chemical composition; climate modeling; computer simulation; concentration (composition); emission inventory; ozone; particulate matter, United States

Dunker, A M; Koo, B; Yarwood, G

Source apportionment of the anthropogenic increment to ozone, formaldehyde, and nitrogen dioxide by the path-integral method in a 3D model Journal Article

Environmental Science and Technology, 49 (11), pp. 6751-6759, 2015, (cited By 6).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: Air Pollutants; Formaldehyde; Geography; Human Activities; Humans; Models, air quality; emission control; formaldehyde; human activity; nitrogen dioxide; ozone; point source; pollutant source; spatiotemporal analysis; three-dimensional modeling, Air quality; Emission control; Formaldehyde; Nitrogen oxides; Quantum theory; Urban growth, Anthropogenic emissions; Anthropogenic sources; Comprehensive air quality model with extensions; First-order sensitivity; Light duty vehicles; Path integral method; Source apportionment; Source contributions, Article; exhaust gas; human activities; motor vehicle; path integral method; procedures; air pollutant; analysis; geography; human; theoretical model; United States, formaldehyde; nitrogen dioxide; ozone; air pollutant; formaldehyde; nitric acid derivative; nitrite; nitrogen dioxide; ozone; volatile organic compound, Quality control, Theoretical; Nitrates; Nitrites; Nitrogen Dioxide; Ozone; United States; Volatile Organic Compounds, United States


Jiang, X; Wiedinmyer, C; Carlton, A G

Aerosols from fires: An examination of the effects on ozone photochemistry in the Western United States Journal Article

Environmental Science and Technology, 46 (21), pp. 11878-11886, 2012, (cited By 17).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: aerosol composition; atmospheric chemistry; atmospheric pollution; biogenic emission; experimental study; fire behavior; isoprene; nitrogen oxides; ozone; photochemistry; photolysis; shortwave radiation; volatile organic compound, air pollution; air temperature; article; concentration (parameters); environmental impact; fire; meteorology; photochemistry; photolysis; radiation; simulation; United States, Atmospheric aerosols; Atmospheric chemistry; Boundary layer flow; Boundary layers; Meteorology; Nitrogen oxides; Ozone; Photolysis; Volatile organic compounds, Chemistry modeling; Isoprene emission; Large scale fires; Photochemical models; Planetary boundary layers; Short-wave radiation; Surface temperatures; Western United States, Fires, isoprene; nitrogen oxide; ozone; volatile organic compound, United States

Emery, C; Jung, J; Downey, N; Johnson, J; Jimenez, M; Yarwood, G; Morris, R

Regional and global modeling estimates of policy relevant background ozone over the United States Journal Article

Atmospheric Environment, 47 , pp. 206-217, 2012, (cited By 56).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: anthropogenic source; boundary condition; climate modeling; concentration (composition); environmental assessment; environmental protection; EOS; health risk; nitrogen oxides; ozone; photochemistry; regional climate; risk assessment; stratosphere; temporal variation; wildfire, article; clinical assessment; concentration (parameters); fire; government; health hazard; lightning; policy relevant background; priority journal; stratosphere; United States, Environmental Protection Agency; Estimation; Health risks; Regulatory compliance; Risk assessment; Uncertainty analysis, ozone, United States


Nopmongcol, U; Griffin, W M; Yarwood, G; Dunker, A M; MacLean, H L; Mansell, G; Grant, J

Impact of dedicated E85 vehicle use on ozone and particulate matter in the US Journal Article

Atmospheric Environment, 45 (39), pp. 7330-7340, 2011, (cited By 17).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: Air quality impacts; Air quality modeling; Biogenic emission; Emissions inventory; Ethanol production; In-vehicle technology; Land areas; Land-use change; Light duty vehicles; On-road vehicle emissions; Particulate Matter; Petrochemical industry; Photochemical models; Switchgrass, air quality; alcohol production; article; exhaust gas; land use; meteorology; motor vehicle; Panicum virgatum; particulate matter; petrochemical industry; photochemistry; priority journal; total quality management; United States, air quality; atmospheric modeling; atmospheric pollution; biogenic emission; concentration (composition); ethanol; fuel; grass; land use change; meteorology; nitrogen oxides; ozone; particulate matter; petrochemical industry; three-dimensional modeling; traffic emission; uncertainty analysis, Air quality; Cellulosic ethanol; Ethanol; Fuels; Gasoline; Land use; Ozone; Petrochemicals; Quality management; Three dimensional; Vehicles, alcohol; fuel; gasoline; nitrous oxide; ozone; upstream stimulatory factor, Panicum virgatum, Particulate emissions, United States


Warneke, C; Gouw, De J A; Negro, Del L; Brioude, J; McKeen, S; Stark, H; Kuster, W C; Goldan, P D; Trainer, M; Fehsenfeld, F C; Wiedinmyer, C; Guenther, A B; Hansel, A; Wisthaler, A; Atlas, E; Holloway, J S; Ryerson, T B; Peischl, J; Huey, L G; Hanks, A T C

Biogenic emission measurement and inventories determination of biogenic emissions in the eastern United States and Texas and comparison with biogenic emission inventories Journal Article

Journal of Geophysical Research Atmospheres, 115 (5), 2010, (cited By 61).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: Air quality; Climatology, Airborne measurements; Atmospheric research; Biogenic emission; Flight track; Hot spot; Houston, Atmospheric movements, biogenic emission; emission inventory; hot spot; isoprene; mixing ratio; spatiotemporal analysis, Texas; Interannual; International consortium; Mixed-boundary; Mixing ratios; Monoterpenes; Transport and transformation; Transport models, United States


Chang, S; McDonald-Buller, E; Kimura, Y; Yarwood, G; Neece, J; Russell, M; Tanaka, P; Allen, D

Sensitivity of urban ozone formation to chlorine emission estimates Journal Article

Atmospheric Environment, 36 (32), pp. 4991-5003, 2002, (cited By 44).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: 1 chloro 3 methyl 3 buten 2 one; chlorine; ketone derivative; ozone; tap water; unclassified drug, aerosol; article; atmosphere; chlorination; cooling tower; environmental monitoring; model; photochemistry; priority journal; swimming pool; United States; urban area; waste water management, Aerosols; Chlorine; Cooling towers; Gas emissions; Oxidation; Swimming pools; Troposphere; Volatile organic compounds; Wastewater treatment, air quality; chlorine; ozone; photochemistry; urban atmosphere, ozone, Precursors, United States


Wiedinmyer, C; Guenther, A; Estes, M; Strange, I.Wade; Yarwood, G; Allen, D T

A land use database and examples of biogenic isoprene emission estimates for the state of Texas, USA Journal Article

Atmospheric Environment, 35 (36), pp. 6465-6477, 2001, (cited By 41).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: article; biomass; data base; field emission; land use; model; priority journal; United States; vegetation, biogenic emission; database; estimation method; isoprene; land use; vegetation cover, Biogenic isoprene emission, Biomass; Database systems; Land use; Ozone; Photochemical reactions; Vegetation, Environmental engineering, isoprene; ozone, Quercus, United States


Wiedinmyer, C; Strange, Wade I; Estes, M; Yarwood, G; Allen, D T

Biogenic hydrocarbon emission estimates for North Central Texas Journal Article

Atmospheric Environment, 34 (20), pp. 3419-3435, 2000, (cited By 27).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: air quality control; article; biomass; controlled study; forest; nonhuman; priority journal; United States; vegetation, biogenic emission; biomass; estimation method; hydrocarbon; volatile organic compound, Biogenic emissions landuse database; Biogenic hydrocarbon emission; Tree diameter distribution data, Biomass; Geographic information systems; Hydrocarbons; Land use; Volatile organic compounds, hydrocarbon; isoprene; volatile organic compound, Particulate emissions, United States